Bluetooth To Ethernet Gateway 1-14 Connections

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Bluetooth To Ethernet Gateway 1-14 Connections

The Parani-MSP1000B is a Bluetooth Access Point. The Parani-MSP1000B bluetooth product is designed to manage up to 14 Bluetooth devices over 10/100 Base-T Ethernet network with advanced options. It incorporates Bluetooth 2.0 Protocol Stack with Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) support; and transmits data from each Bluetooth terminal to a management station via TCP/IP.


  • Connects Bluetooth devices to 10/100 base-T Ethernet
  • Dual Ethernet Interface support
  • Supports Up to 3Mbps throughput
  • Ideal wireless solution for the replacement of the wired multi-port serial card
  • Supports Bluetooth profiles for Serial Port, LAN Access, PAN, File Transfer and Dial up Networking
  • Easy-to-use COM-Port redirector support
  • Flexible TCP/UDP host mode support: Multiple host connection/data transfer
  • System logging & port buffering
  • Supports Python Script Engine for customization
  • Supports firmware upgrade via web, hyper terminal program, software or etc.
  • Supports surge protector
  • Supports RFC 2217, Telnet COM Port Control Protocol
CPU Freescale PowerQUICC MPC880
Flash Memory 16 MB (2 MB of user programmable space)
CF Port Flash memory, Modem, WLAN, Cell Modem
Logging Buffering Syslog server, Samba server, CF memory
Real Time Clock Supported
Customization Python Script engine, ELDK v4.0, 2MB internal user space
Operating Voltage And SD Output 3.3V TTL AC/AC
Data Rate Up to 3Mbps
Distance_Dipole_Dipole Up to 200m
Distance_Patch_Dipole Up to 400m
Distance_Patch_Patch Up to 1000m
Max Tx Power +18dBm
Antenna Gain Dipole : +3dBi, Patch : +9dBi
Bluetooth Standard Class 1 Version 2.0 + EDR
Interface LC (Single-Mode)
Sensitivity -23 dBm
Configuration Web, Telnet, SSH, Serial Console, Modem AT command set
Security IP Filtering, SSH v2, SSL/TLS, SNMP v3
Distance_Default_Dipole Up to 150m
Distance_Patch_Dipole Up to 400m
Level 18dBm
Voltage 5VDC, 2A@5V
Humidity 90% Non-condensing
Brand Antaira