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Davis - Solar Radiation Sensor - 6450
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The Solar Radiation Sensor (DAVIS-6450) measures solar radiation and solar energy. A diffuser element and housing are carefully designed for accurate cosine response. Silicon photo diode provides good match to solar spectrum. Two-piece housing minimizes radiation heating, allows convection cooling of the sensor, and prevents the trapping of water or dust. To mount onto the Integrated Sensor Suite, add the Sensor Mounting Shelf (not included).
  • 2 ft. (0.6 m) cable.
  • Use Standard 4-Conductor Extension Cable.
  • Maximum cable length is 125 ft. (38 m). 
  • Diffuser element
  • Silicon photo diode
  • Two-piece housing allows for convection cooling
Compatible Products 
  • Integrated Sensor Suite (DAVIS-6322C)
  • Sensor Mounting Shelf
Solar Radiation Sensor Installation Manual
Specification Sheets
Apparent Temperature: Effects of Wind & Solar Radiation
Comparison of Five Radiation Shields
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